Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Shelley!!

I just wanted to write a little shout out to one of my best friends Shelley Heaton!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of love and of course lots of fun!  Thank you for always being such an amazing example in my life.  I will never be able to repay you for all you have done for me over the years!  :)  I am sad I can't be with you on your birthday.  But I will see you soon!  Have a fantastic day!  Sending love all the way from Jerusalem! :)

Through all the ups and downs you have always been there.  Love you!
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!! :) :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pictures from today! :)

This one is actually from Jordan but I wanted to put it on.  We conquered all three Mountains together!
Maddie O's Possy. ;) 

Our field trip today was to the Jewish Quarter.  It was fun!  Here are some pictures! :) 
Getting ready to leave! 

On the old steps heading up to the temple! :) 
Natty and I! 

Megan and I!  We recently found out that we grew up together in California! Crazy! 
I adore Nathan! :) 
David and I at Nasir's Pizza Place! 

Western Wall! :)  
Walking on the City Wall!  So beautiful! :) 

More to come soon!! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

First part of Jordan :)

Hello Friends and Family!! Exactly one week ago we went on a big adventure to Jordan.  The first day it took us about 4 hours to go through all the check points to get across the border. But once we got there we immediately went to Mt. Nebo, then Madaba and Marchaerus, then we were off to Petra for the night. The next day was our day to enter the world of Indiana Jones!! We went to PETRA!!! It was extremely hot and some of us were shaking when we got to the third hike of the day but it was so worth it.  Here are some pictures:

Mt Nebo with the Beautiful Natalie C. 
Rachelle, Rachel and I the light is right before we hit the place where Indiana Jones was filmed.  Our tour guide made us all stand in 4 different lines with our heads down and hands each others shoulders and he sang the theme song.  So funny! :) 

There it is! Amazing... No other word to describe it. 
This is the Monastery that we hiked 837 steps to get to.  Remarkable.  So much detail in everything. Loved it! 
The High place! Finally made it! :) The view was beautiful!! Loved it! :) 

Friday, June 29, 2012


This week has been a very eventful week here in Jerusalem and back in the States.  Over here I went to Jordan and I will blog about that soon.  But most importantly it was my Parents Anniversary on the 27th and My mommy's BIRTHDAY TOMORROW the 30th!  So I wanted to make a blog post to both of them to celebrate!
My parents recently returned from a trip in Europe where they visited England, France and Sweden.  This picture was taken at the Michael Buble concert in Stolkholm.  Jealous... Yes I was. It was a Christmas gift to my Mom from my Daddy.  For those of you who don't know my Dad to well I think he is actually quite the romantic.  Listen to the story behind this.  My Mom loves Michael Buble when he came to Utah his concert was sold out and we were all bummed we couldn't go.  Christmas morning came and all the kids were ripping through there presents and my dad handed my mom a large square gift.  (Keep in mind none of the kids had any idea about this gift. Usually my Dad will ask me if his idea is good or not. But i was completely in shock when this happened.) She opened it to find every album Mr. Buble had ever made.  She was excited beyond all reason of course, next she was handed a skinny jewelry box that held two tickets.  Reading Michael Buble concert.  She was ELATED!! Showing them to me as I gazed in pure jealousy.  My Dad handed her one last large brown envelope that had a letter and a smaller envelope at the bottom.  The Letter said something to the effect of how much he loved my Mom and how she is so self-less and constantly thinking of others.  Then at the bottom it said look at the tickets again. She lifted them from underneath the wrapping paper to find that the concert was in Sweden.  She started crying as she opened the small white envelope that held the money for there tickets to Europe.  Believe me all the kids were going crazy with excitement.  We all completely forgot about the cool things we had got and were thrilled that our parents would get a well deserved vacation! :)  Ya my dad is good. :) 
Cuties in England 
Haha I thought this picture was hilarious so I just had to post it.  Obviously mom was not ready for the picture. :) haha 
They are the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for!  I am so grateful that they have been married for 25 years!  I Love you both so MUCH!  Thank You for your constant example to me!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!! Miss you both!  Ps Daddy thanks for wearing my tie! :) :) 

Now for my Dear Mommy.  I am so sad I can't be with you on your Birthday!  I wish  I was there to make you a German Chocolate Cake and go on our famous walks where we talk about the gospel and life.  You are one of my closest friends, but most importantly my mom. You have been there for me through all the ups and downs.  Supported me in all my activities and have always shined bright with the light of Christ standing as an example to all.  You are one of the most caring, loving, self-less people I have ever met in my life.  You are my role model.  I can only hope and pray that I can be like you someday!  I hope your birthday is filled with much joy and happiness, surrounded by the people you love and who love you.  HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) :) LOVE YOU! 

Here is the cake that I made 2 years ago... :) 

Mommy you truly are the best!  Always looking your finest too! 
Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday dear MOMMY... Happy Birthday to  YOU!   :)  :) :) Love you much!  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catching up!

Hello world again.  Sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog.  Life here has been really busy with finals and beginning of new classes not to mention we are leaving for Jordan TOMORROW!! Exciting. Here is a little visual update on what I have been up to in the last little bit besides studying everyday!

The 3 of us about to go snorkeling at Eilat! :) Today we went to Tel Aviv and that beach is way nicer than Eilat was but it was so fun to go snorkeling!  By the way Tel Aviv, we went biking, swimming, ate gelato, ate dinner on the coast and just relaxed.  It was a dream.   The sea here is so beautiful clean and the sand is so soft.  Also to add to the list no worries I got fried to a crisp.  From my head to my back I am BRIGHT TOMATO red :)  Don't forget to reapply people.  You will regret it. haha 

Literally the cutest boy on the planet!!! He is our Israel teachers son.  I wanted to take him home with me.  Isn't he adorable?! 

That awkward moment when you and David walk out in matching outfits without even planning it... Love him! 

Hezekiah's Tunnel!  This has been one of my favorite field trips we have been on.  We walked through water for a solid 30 min. The story behind this tunnel is really unique to.  It was built by King Hezekiah to protect his city's water from the Assyrian's who were coming to attack him. 

Shout out to Sarah Wilmott! They have a McDonald's in Jerusalem!  Every time I pass it I think of you!  

That is just a little sneak preview of what I have been up to!  Sorry I will be better at updating after Jordan!  
I would also like to say to my Parents... Happy Anniversary this week!  I love you both!   As well as Happy Birthday to my Mom!  I love you So MUCH!!! :)  


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mid-terms and FAMILY!

Hi everyone so I probably won't be posting for about another week on field trips we are going through Mid-terms and finals all at the same time.  It is CRAZY! Today I have two exams, one quiz and then a take home exam due tomorrow, and a paper due friday.  Next week I will be ranging about test per day, so life is a little stressful/crazy to say the least.  But I am learning so much and loving all of it! Pro: Best part about having professors live the floor above you is sometimes they will walk around while you are studying and answer/give you hints on how to study the best. :)
I cannot believe that we are almost half way through.  I feel like my time here just keeps flying right on bye!  For all of my friends coming here in August or January.  Make every second count!  Learn as much as you can.  Be friends with everyone. Life at the JC is always wonderful.  It is like being with your best friends constantly! Being here is hard work but I would never trade it for the world.
Also I just wanted to write a post about my wonderful Family!  I don't mean to brag but I can't help it.  My family is AMAZING!  There is no way I would ever be able to get through this life without them. I feel overwhelmed with there love especially while I am away from home.  Every time I receive an e-mail my mom tells me how much they miss and love me.  It is comforting to know that I may be across the world but I have people back in the USA who love me.  I am so grateful for the gospel that allows me to be sealed to my family forever.
I also want to brag about my intermediate family!  My younger cousin Jason who is my closet cousin.  Is going on his mission tomorrow!  He is going to be serving in Mexico.  Let me tell you a little about this boy... He is one of the most kindest young men I have ever met in my life.  He is a genius literally.  He is a triathlete. He is 6 4', blonde and has a knock out smile. He is very hard working this past summer he worked at a huge ranch in Montana.  My girlfriends would always joke that if he wasn't going on his mission they would date him. But we all know they weren't really joking.  haha  I am so excited for him to use his amazing talents and ambition to serve the Lord in Mexico!  He is going to do wonders there.  Sadly I had to say goodbye to Jason in the beginning of April and we figured out that we won't be able to see each other for about 3 and 1/2 years if I decide to go on a mission.  THAT IS SO LONG!!!! There is so much that can change in that amount of time.  The future is scary and exciting all at the same time.  But I look forward to the future with faith!  Anyway JASON I love you and am going to miss you!! Good Luck!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Love and miss you all!  Be safe during all your summer activities!

                                                   Super duper OLD picture.  Gotta love em!

                These two.  Can't believe that was a year ago... Everybody grows up way too fast!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Formal night!

Last night May, 31, 2012 was our Formal Talent Show night.  Only one word describes the talent that this JC group has... SPECTACULAR.  We had an amazing Fiddle performance, a cello, a reading titled I don't care (So cool, great job Luke). Followed by "Robert and the Carrolls", minus the Carrolls. Rob's performance was Amazing as usual if you have not looked him and his band up on itunes please do!!!  They are so good, I can promise you won't be disappointed. Then countless beautiful piano pieces, a viola and violin performance and to top it off Rachelle Garrett sang.  For those of you who don't know her let me fill you in a little.  She has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard in my life.  It is so unique I cannot even begin to describe it. Every time she sings it brings me to tears because you can just feel the spirit so strong that girls got soul ;) .  I LOVE IT!  Seriously if you ever get the privilege to listen to her your mouth will drop.  Guaranteed. 

Ra Ra, Natty P and I at Formal Night! My           friends are so talented and Gorgeous! You know that saying "I need uglier friends..." yep I do. ;) 
Anyway just wanted to share what a great night yesterday was. Everyday here is such an adventure, it's the greatest. 
I hope everybody has a wonderful week!!